About us
Za Teb is the first app in Eastern Europe to help fight domestic violence. It is designed in a way to make the process of finding information and help both faster and easier. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and financial abuse of another person living in the same household. There is often a violation of human rights in public and private spaces.
Za Teb is joining forces with all the NGOs in the country, as well as, police, National help line and specialists in order to fight Domestic Violence. If you are a victim or have a friend/ family member who is, the app will give you all the information and support you need in order to get out of this situation in the easiest way possible. You can also support the cause by donating. The funds go to the help centers in the country which provide 24/7 help, support and shelter for victims. We believe this social decease has to stop and WE, as a society have to take an action NOW!
Statistics from international organizations confirm that every fourth, and even every third woman in Bulgaria is a victim of domestic violence. That's 1 million Bulgarians. 70 percent of women in 8 Eastern European countries have been victims of sexual harassment, persecution, domestic violence or other forms of violence since the age of 15. 60 percent of women say they have been subjected to psychological pressure. 23 per cent-that they were physically and sexually abused by their partner. More than 50% of women who were intentionally killed today are killed by their intimate partners or family members. Every hour, 15 women in Bulgaria are victims of domestic violence.